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principles of heated cargo plant

Independent tanks for  heated  cargo

Successful Independent Cargo Tanks for hot cargo have been developed by the owner of ASC and the author of this website in collaboration with Beele Engineering.
Unfortunately one has to pay attention now for serious problems and failures on seagoing vessels built to carry heated dangerous liquid cargo, cause by ignoring our design rules. Repeatedly we receive reports about this matter!
From the pictures below  it's easy to state what has happened:molten support
In  the case of the molten supports the simple conclusion is that the temperature outside the tank was too large (>250grd C)!broken support foundation

In the case of broken support foundation wesee that too high sliding forces caused blocking of the sliding plate.

Pictures came from two different vessels. In both cases we see no or bad insulation of the girders. Also, too stiff girders can not distribute loads evenly on the supports! The result is heat deformation inducing too high loads on some supports.
We have the impression that knowledge and handling of this kind of cargo plants is failing significantly.                                                                                                 
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Why no integrated tanks for heated cargo?:
From the past dramatically fatigue cracks are known of primary structures happened in tankers carrying heated fluids in integrated tanks. So the use of independent tanks for this goods is a standard now, but how to avoid these failures?

Basics of well proven solution:
One  level of  the ships´s structure on environment temperature and 
another temperature level of the tank carrying heated fluid cargo

Shortly available :
Application to support tank plants for independent tanks for heated cargo

Nov. 2018