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ASC is founded in 1992 and active in the structural design environment. Here some selected references will be given:
☼ Development of CASTOR Creating the software for the basic structure design, weight and cost calculations
☼ Development  of a new computer aided design procedure based on CASTOR for inland waterway vessels
☼ Invoked in several R&D program’s
☼ Workshops about application of CASTOR
☼ Education and training “on site” including the development of the study programs and educational appliances in Dutch and English.
☼ Innovation of new structures for inland waterway vessels
☼ Finite Elements Analysis for:
    ■    Hold structure and tank foundations for a gas tanker
    ■    Hold structure for vessels with a large degree of deck opening
    ■    Strength investigations of detail structures
    ■    Elastic grillage calculation

☼ Structural design with target a minimum structure weight, structure costs or other parameters for a large range of different vessels.
☼ Approval of structures for third parties
☼ Management of engineering projects, for example:
    ■    Asphalt tanker (first independent cargo tanks)
    ■    Largest seagoing tug
    ■    Aluminium structure Super yacht

☼ Translations (Dutch, English, German)
    ■    Technical
    ■    Text of computer programs
    ■    European law’s and rules concerning shipbuilding

☼ Software development, formally CASTOR and several environment programs and After Sales of CASTOR and users support
☼ Custom software development in a technical environment.
☼ Web design
updated 18-09-2009