R & D

Updated 19-09-2009

ASC executes orders for research and investigation on structures of seagoing and inland waterway vessels
    * Prediction of structure weights of vessels
    * Activity based costing for ship structures
    * Numerical methods to calculate the longitudinal bending moments and the accuracy problem of still water bending moments
    * Project "Innovation inland waterway vessels" Part Structural Design, a new design procedure (Stichting BOS)
    * Project "Industrial Fabrication of Double Hull Structures" Part Engineering (Stichting BOS)
    * "Longitudinal Weight distribution of ship's structure"
    * Support of first independent Cargo Tanks in chemical carriers

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Innovation is a live saving matter for companies also in shipbuilding. We can be your partner to find the best solutions for ships structures regarding weight and building costs in a competitive environment. We believe that it is possible in a environment with low cost to be concurrent and we can proof it!.
Not only the ASC-research and development activities will help you to innovate, but also the software-tools like CASTOR may be adventurous for your future. Think about your profits to save Steel weights and costs and the possibilities of weight-managing!
ASC can help you to make the next two Statements work: