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Companies have toe taken into accont  in there policy with  expectations for the future of the maritime  environment

The shipping industrie -formerly seeshipping - is the target of hevy criticism regarding the maritime polution.

Improevements  must be realized on short term forced by national and international regulations.  Of course it might increase costs but economic advantages might be possible also by fee reductions  from port autorities and in future it might become a world wide standard. It is not an imaginary thing that ships causing unacceptable pollutions  are no more welcome in ports. As an example one might pay attention to the fact that loading and unloading of  cargo tanks is no longer accepted in some ports, if there is an open connection between tank and the surrounding atmosphere.

Hot topics for innovations in this area are:

But also a concept like "Life cycle design" more content will be given by:

Updated 8-11-2018